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Are you ready?

This month I want to ask all 12th grade high school students are you ready to graduate and move into your next level of life? How many of your friends are ready for their next level? My 3 tips to get ready are the following:

1. Know your options - What works best for you Education (College or Training Program), Working Right Away, or Starting Your Own Business?

2. Prepare for the option right for you - What do you need to get started in your after high school option?

3. Start your selected option- Enjoy your next level with the right positive attitude and lean on help from those you can to stay on track

LiveUp Mentors

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Are you looking into the right Careers?

All students need help and encouragement. LiveUp strives to empower high school students with knowledge and wisdom on top careers that will enable them top be independent adults. Use the Career Matcher today and find out what careers are out there that pay $20 hr at least 40K and above across Healthcare, IT,  Engineering, Business Operations, and Accounting and Finance. Contact LiveUp for career counseling or to share how you have succeed in your career today without a degree, with a degree, or as an entrepreneur! Join the LiveUp network and/or Email us at and share your thoughts.

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