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According to, they have found that Teens feel ready for college, but no so much for work. 

Here is the LiveUp response to this question:

We know that 30% of STUDENTS graduate high school and college without a plan to be an INDEPENDENT adult and LIVE at home with parents LONGER. We agree that teens feel comfortable continuing their education because they have been in school by this time 12 years and going to college for another 4 years doesn't seem like a big thing. But we know that education and real-world job skills are not the same. Unfortunately, today's school system is out of date and it does not address the real soft and hard skills people need in order to do a job of any sort. At LiveUp we look to professionally train Teens and anyone who wants to start developing their professional skill set. Comment below on what you think about this question.


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Are you ready?

This month I want to ask all 12th grade high school students are you ready to graduate and move into your next level of life? How many of your friends are ready for their next level? My 3 tips to get ready are the following:

1. Know your options - What works best for you Education (College or Training Program), Working Right Away, or Starting Your Own Business?

2. Prepare for the option right for you - What do you need to get started in your after high school option?

3. Start your selected option- Enjoy your next level with the right positive attitude and lean on help from those you can to stay on track

LiveUp Mentors

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Are you looking into the right Careers?

All students need help and encouragement. LiveUp strives to empower high school students with knowledge and wisdom on top careers that will enable them top be independent adults. Use the Career Matcher today and find out what careers are out there that pay $20 hr at least 40K and above across Healthcare, IT,  Engineering, Business Operations, and Accounting and Finance. Contact LiveUp for career counseling or to share how you have succeed in your career today without a degree, with a degree, or as an entrepreneur! Join the LiveUp network and/or Email us at and share your thoughts.

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Today's Youth Need Direction and the LiveUp Challenge will help provide that direction.Every school across the United States selected to take the challenge should participate to help start the movement of today's youth living up to their full potential and leaving Middle and High School with a Plan! Lets cheer them on as we await for the 5K student life plan submissions. 

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You can LiveUp too!

LiveUp 3 Steps:

Today's Youth Need Direction:

I am the founder of the non-profit LiveUp Empowerment Network and I am running a nationwide contest called the LiveUp Challenge for 8th and 12th graders. We are selecting the high schools to receive a contest invitation based on your top high schools list. I want to know if you can showcase the high school students who win the challenge in US News as a student testimony of why their school is a top high school? The LiveUp Empowerment Network (LEN) is a 501c3 Non-Profit founded in 2011 with the mission to help Middle and High School students LiveUp to their full potential by helping them create a life P.L.A.N. for after graduation.
A Life Plan is the Solution:
Too many of our young people are going into and graduating high school with no real life plan. 18 can be an awkward age, but it is a critical point in every young person’s life to make positive decisions that will steer the rest of their lives. The LiveUp Non-profit is dedicated to helping equip as many young people as possible with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to create and achieve their life plan based on our workbook’s 3 track approach (Education/Training, Workforce, and Entrepreneurship).
The LiveUp Challenge is the Right Tool:
Current research shows Middle and High school Students are NOT well prepared for Life after graduation, and are turning more and more to unconstructive behavior (i.e., dropouts, violence, unplanned pregnancy, drug usage) . The LiveUp  Challenge gives every school selected the opportunity to join LiveUp in the movement to bring back positivity and inspiration  to today’s youth, enabling them to LiveUp to their full potential. They are the next generation; lets help them get and stay on track to be positive contributions to society. 

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